White Kash flowers, rivers, the sky, a flood of moonlight
Everything is the color of silver in this beautiful still night
Waves ripple in the river, a silver moon overhead
A divine primitive amusement and the two of us in a dinghy boat, its comrade.

A throne is in the sky where sits a glamorous king
Where he doles out silver coins that make the water gleam
Like the entwining dancing bodies of a thousand celestial nymphs.

Everywhere is bathed in silver, a pair of swans
Against the current of vision flows a river of memories
It murmurs and babbles and warbles as it surges on endlessly
Immersed in silver color even the star in the Ursa Major is happy.

The weariness of the day is vanquished by the flutes of the night
Overwhelmed and intoxicated, side by side, like fair Kash flowers their smiles flash bright.